Chicago Red Dress Run
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Annual Chicago Red Dress Run

Meet us at the Totem Pole in Lincoln Park, opposite Addison Rd. Driving from the north, leave Lake Shore Drive at the Irving Park exit, and drive through the park to the parking area outside the tennis courts.

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From the south, leave Lake Shore Drive at the Recreation Drive exit (just south of Addison). The offramp takes you right to the Totem Pole. Park in any of the lots nearby.

If walking or cycling to Frontrunners, there is a pedestrian underpass from the inner Drive under the express lanes. The underpass is just north of Addison, but is on the east side of the inner Drive, and the entrance is usually hidden by the parked cars.

The walking course (just over two miles - the blue line on the map) proceeds along the west side of Belmont harbor, then continues south between Lake Shore Drive and the Lake. At Diversey, the Drive passes over the entrance to the lagoon. Take the path under the Drive, then follow the edge of the lagoon to the golf driving range. Follow the path adjacent to Lake Shore Drive West, until you pass back under the Drive. Retrace your steps north (although after Belmont, we usually take the west branch of the path) back to the totem pole.

The three-mile running course (red line) follows the walking course to the bridge at Diversey, then continues to Fullerton. Take Fullerton under the Drive, continue up the west side of the lagoon, and rejoin the walking course north of Diversey.

The five-mile running course (green line) continues from Fullerton, as far as the foot bridge over the Drive, before turning north again.


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July 5 : Annual Red Dress Run
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