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The events below are women's events unless noted otherwise. It is our goal that no woman shall be excluded from participation in events due to a disability.

February 2 @ 6pm
Luna Fest
Thompsonville—The film festival by, for, and about women will raise money for charity. Fine wine, decadent chocolate, and award- winning films by, for, and about women will headline the marquee for the LUNAFEST Film Festival, February 2 (6-9pm) at Crystal Mountain. Crystal Mountain's LUNAFEST not only features nine captivating short films but promises an evening to experience delicious food and wine. L Mawby Vineyards, Larry Mawby will guide the crowd through the process in which his sparkling wine "Sex" is created. Festival goers will also enjoy a selection of Tapas as well as an assortment of chocolate treats. Tickets for LUNAFEST cost $35 and include films, food, and wine tasting.
LUNAFEST is part of Crystal Mountain's Women's Winter Tour weekend. The Women's Winter Tour, returning to Crystal for a second year, has now been celebrating women, winter, and chocolate for a decade. Saturday features cross-country and downhill ski clinics and demos, snowshoe tours, a chocolate appreciation class, as well as LUNAFEST and the after-party. The main event begins Sunday at 10am when hundreds of ladies snowshoe and cross-country ski along Crystal's wooded trails for the Women's Winter Tour.

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Womens Cooperative Meeting
The mission of the women's cooperative is to improve the standards of living for women through income generating activities, as well as money saving opportunities (group discounts etc). Our goal is to uplift the social and economic status of women and their families. If you are a farmer, a baker, a candle maker ... a cook, a chiropractor, a care giver ... if you are a cobbler, a haberdasher, a clothier ... if you knit, sew or weave ... if you provide a product or service, or you wish to purchase products and services from women, please join us to learn more.

August 5-10, 2008
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
There is magic in the air at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Womyn who want to step out of the mainstream for a week and into the best party on the planet can taste that magic - it has kept Michigan alive, radical, controversial, deeply musical and passionately creative for over 30 years. For tens of thousands of womyn, Michigan triggers what is akin to tribal memory as we create this intergenerational, international female community each August. It's a place where the music is as diverse as the womyn who attend, where mothers and daughters and granddaughters come together and find their common culture as each rising generation adopts the Festival and makes it their own. Michigan 2006 will be a magnificent celebration of womyn's culture and community that you won't want to miss. For women only. JOIN THE DISCUSSION ABOUT MICHFEST NOW

Get Outside and Play
NW Michigan Womyn's Geocaching NetworkGPS: THE NEW NAVIGATION | JOIN
Geocaching (GEE-oh-cash-ing) is a fun and challenging activity that combines modern technologies like GPS and the Internet, with primitive outdoor navigation and search skills. “A GPS device and a desire for adventure are all you need for high-tech treasure hunting.” It's great fun.

Recurring Events / Activities
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2nd Monday Every Month at 7pm
International Feminism Meetup

Meetup with other local women who are interested in the topic of Feminism. Discuss current issues, such as equal rights, politics, and standing up for what you believe in!

3rd Monday Every Month at 6:30pm (Traverse Area District Library Conference Room)
Herbal Alliance of Northern Michigan
The Herbal Alliance of Northern Michigan is a circle of herbal enthusiasts that serves, preserves and is guided by the plant world to raise awareness about healing the earth, each other and future generations with medicinal and nutritional plants. Membership is $5.00 annually and is due by March of 2006. For more information: Melonie Callaghan [email protected] (213) 275-1364

4th Monday Every Month from 6-9pm
GALS Networking Meeting
This event happens at "Just Imagine Creative Arts Healing Center" in Traverse City. The cost is $20. For more information go to or call them at (231) 932-9808. While wheelchair access is not available at this time, they are working on ideas for a ramp to the main gathering space upstairs. The toilets are not accessible by wheelchair.

1st Tuesday of Every Month at 1pm
Stay at Home Moms Meetup
Leave behind the housework and family worries, and come Meetup with other stay at home moms for coffee, a drink, anywhere but home!

Wednesdays at 6pm
Women's Single Track Bike Ride on the VASA Trail
A fun way to burn off a few calories on one of this areas most challenging and attractive single track bike trails.

2nd Wednesdays at 11:30 am
Lunch and Bridge
American Association of University Women Bridge Group at 310/Firefly @ 310 Cass - February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10 Call Marilyn @947-6831 to play

Thursdays at 6pm
Women's Drum Circle
Join us for an evening of drumming at the gazebo in the park behind the Traverse Area District Library (look south along the Boardman Lake shoreline). You will turn west onto Hannah, just south of the Traverse Area District Library (610 Woodmere Ave). We will learn some drumming parts, make beautiful music together, and discuss if this is something that we would enjoy doing on a regular basis. Bring your own drum please.

Thursdays at 6:23pm
Cruiser Bike Night
We meet at Modern Extreme Sports (925 E. Front St. west of Garfield), no helmet or lycra required. We cruise as a group to local restaurants and bars in TC. We usually start off and ride out to Apache Grill on West Bay and then to Union Street Station for nibbles and $1 PBR's. After that we cruise to other places for a beer or martini and all have a good time. Bring a friend too!

1st Thursday Every Month from 11:30am - 1:00pm
Grand Traverse Woman Magazine: Business Lunchen
Business luncheon offering networking over a shared lunch while enjoying a motivating and educational speaker.

4th Saturday of Every Month at 4pm
Home Birth Meetup Day
Meetup with parents, siblings, family, midwives, doulas and supporters of birthing at home.

4th Saturday of Every Month at 3pm
Homeschool Parent Meetup Day
Meetup with other local families taking responsibility for educating their childen by using resources in the home and community. Share tips, discuss problems and pool ideas. (men and women).

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