Futility: Indemnification Agreement

In consideration for being permitted by Sappho and Geocaching.com to participate in the pursuit of the hidden Geocache commonly known as "Futility", I (known henceforth as “the Geocacher”) agree to this WAIVER, RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION: “The Geocacher”, for themselves (and on behalf of any minor), join in the foregoing PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT, RELEASE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK and stipulate and agree to SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS, INDEMNIFY AND FOREVER DEFEND Sappho, the Women's Geocaching Network, Traverse for Women, its shareholders, officers, directors, agents, assigns, employees, volunteers, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on its behalf, from and against any/all claims, actions and/or demands made or brought by anyone, as a result of participation in seeking the Geocache known as "Futility". “The Geocacher” also accepts all expenses and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) incurred resulting from any such claims, actions or demands.

Individuals should consult with a health care professional before embarking on the pursuit this geocache. We are NOT responsible for symptoms and concerns that include, but may not be limited to, high blood pressure, sudden hair loss, sleeplessness, dead batteries, mood changes, headache, abdominal discomfort obsessive geocaching behavior, and/or other mental/medical symptoms and aberrant behaviors that may occur as the result of your quest. All risks are borne exclusively by “the Geocacher”. Furthermore, in pursuing the geocache known as "Futility" you hereby represent that you are in good physical and mental health, and that there are no special problems or concerns associated with your ability to properly Geocache.

I, “the Geocacher”, have fully and voluntarily, informed myself of the contents of this Indemnification Agreement by reading it in its entirety. I understand this agreement. I hereby agree to be bound by its terms.

Have a nice day. Happy geocaching.

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