Web Sites of Interest
Courtesy of the Michigan Women's Commission

Below are websites with information about women’s issues at the local, state, and national level. Some links may lead to PDF files that require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download this program for free, please click here

Affirmative Action

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Programs

Equal Opportunity Employment: Frequently Asked Questions


Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board

Sexual Harassment


Education and Gender Equity

Michigan Gender Equity Task Force


Financial Aid
Financial Aid

Michigan Education Savings Program


Girls and Technology
Automotive Women's Alliance Scholarship

Michigan Technology Centers

Michigan Tech: Women in Engineering Workshop

MSU Women in Engineering Program

Smart Alexx
STEPS Summer Camp
U of M College of Engineering Computer Camp


Senior Women’s Issues

Eldercare Locator

Elder Law of Michigan


Substance Abuse

Binge Drinking
Partnership for a Drug Free America

Substance Abuse Treatment Resources

Unintended Pregnancies and Infant Mortality

National Women’s Health Information Center

Pregnant Women Children And Families
Prenatal Smoking Cessation

Safe Delivery Law

Women’s Economics

Child Day Care Assistance

Food Assistance Employment and Training Program

Income Support

Information for Job Seekers

iVillage: Money

Michigan Online Business Startup Wizard

Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Non-Custodial Parent Program

Verify a Caregiver's License

Women’s Economic Club

Work First




Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program

Cardiovascular Health Self Test

Family and Medical Leave Act Information

Healthy Michigan 2010

Physical Health: Fit Kit

Programs to Help You Stop Smoking

Smoker's Quit Kit



Ingham County Women's Commission

Internet Safety

National Association of Commissions for Women

National Council of Women’s Organizations

Michigan Women's Historical Center


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